Zeta Productions Ltd is an independant concultancy, specailising in database technologies,bussiness intelagence,website and application designe,training and learning concultancy.

Database Technology

We specailise in SQL server offering all aspects of
database concultancy including the architecture, design and build of highly scalable DataWarehouses, high performing online transactional processing systems and the design and build of fast and reliable ETL solutions.
Buissness Intelligence

We can help you visulise your data with end to end BI solutions that leverage the power of the Microsoft BI stack including Analysis Services for high performance slicing and dicing capabilities and attractive visulisations through Reporting Services and PowerPivot

Websites and Applications

Harnising the power of .NET techonolgy we can design and build attractive websites and powerfull Web Apps that will help make your company become more appealing and efficient.

Training and Learning Consultancy

Our highly skilled and experanced Learning Concultants will develop and deliver SQL Server and BI courses from level 100 to level 400 that meet the precice requirments of both your company and your team. Additionaly you can take advantage of our full learning consultancy service so you can benift from issue resultion whilst your team increase thier knoledge and skills.